Karen Hochman Brown

Meet Karen Hochman Brown of Los Angeles, CA

A native of Southern California, Karen Hochman Brown grew up in Santa Barbara. She then headed south to Pitzer College for a BA in Art and currently lives in Altadena.

Her artistic output fuses her love of art with her long time passion for mathematics. She finds geometry with its interconnectedness, beauty and logic captivating. In 1984 she discovered the graphic nature of computer art and has never looked back from this world that marries the flexibility of art with the precision of mathematics. Working on her art offers her a combination of meditation and brain teasing.

The repeating patterns of computer-generated shapes are mesmerizing and the challenges of working with constantly expanding software tools push her to learn new skills and methods.

Karen begins each piece with a photograph that she imports into a modular graphics-synthesizer program. She then alters different functions and formulas to create a series of images that she stacks into multiple layers, gradually building and developing the work.

She strives to make the technology that she uses seem magical with the result that her artworks convey a unique energy.

A Snapshot View of Karen Hochman Brown

Favorite Artist: Vincent van Gogh.
Spirit Animal: The horse.
Secret Superpower: She is the Princess of Parking. She has an uncanny knack for finding good parking places. She also can be counted on to pick the best time to leave for a trip to avoid traffic.