Javiera Estrada

Meet Javiera Estrada of Los Angeles, CA

Javiera Estrada was born in Acapulco, Mexico and moved to the US when she was 8. She and her family bounced around the country from Connecticut to Atlanta.

She has known that she would be an artist since age 6 when she would draw on the walls with nail polish, much to her mother’s dismay. Abstract things, such as the sound of breaking glass, captivated her attention and made her think of the sublime. She finds the instant gratification of photography satisfying, allowing her to join the real with the ethereal.

Her work originates from her inner terrain, as a “physical expression of that inner nameless world [that her] soul inhabits.”

As a result, each work is a kind of self-portrait, a small reflection of her inner self for others to see. The beauty and intensity of these segmented portraits are palpable and addicting. Javiera has a wide body of work but the pieces here at WhyNotArt are part of recent experiments with the behaviour of ink in water.

Working in black and white as well as exploding color, she captures velvety, ephemeral forms that are tactile yet strictly visual.

A Snapshot View of Javiera Estrada

Favorite Artist: She has so many favorite artists and it’s hard to limit it to one: Frida Kahlo, Sally Mann, Tim Walker, Picasso, Georgia O’Keefe, Diane Arbus.
Spirit Animal: Her spirit animals are the hawk, lion, and butterfly.
Secret Superpower: She can read people fairly quickly and accurately. She has been known to break down people’s personalities and characteristics by “reading” their faces.