Ivo Spirov

Meet Ivo Spirov of Los Angeles, CA.

Ivo Spirov’s creativity was nurtured by his parents from a very young age. His mother, the then Director of PR at the National Art Gallery of Bulgaria, allowed him to paint on the walls of their apartment in Sofia.

The drawings and paintings from his youth still adorn his parents’ walls. It wasn’t until his late 20s that Ivo turned his passion into a profession.

Today, he works with acrylics because they allow him to create flat, distinctive colors. Frequent collaborations with a photographer provide a multi-media approach suitable for juxtaposing ideas and imagery.

For Ivo his art is about connecting with his inner child.

Japanese animation was very influential on the young Ivo, a lasting impression that is visible in his unique artistic style. He often works with repetitive details to tell stories. For example, he believes that in contemporary society, “We speak without really saying anything and look without seeing.

The lips and eyes that I use in my work are symbolic of the trap of this disconnected way of being as well as an invitation to return to genuine communication.”

A Snapshot View of Ivo Spirov

Favorite Artist: Hayao Miyazaki, Katsuhiro Otomo, and James Jean.
Spirit Animal: The wolf. They are proud creatures, loyal and playful with those they love and fierce when they need to be.
Secret Superpower: Flying.