Irena Orlov

Meet Irena Orlov of Los Angeles, CA.

Originally from the Urkaine, Irena Orlov lived in Russia, Israel and Canada before settling in Los Angeles.

Her passion for creating mixed media art is informed by her varied background in architecture and design. With photography and different types of painting as her tools, Irena uses artistic production to express her emotions and feelings. 

Her work showcased at WhyNotArt consists of clean sleek lines that twist and turn in dynamic curves to create a composition that is simple and calm whilst bursting with movement.

To create this vibrant effect, she used digital print, ink, 3D paints, acrylic and acrylic gel on canvas.

In the artist’s words, “My work is infused with the spirit and energy I felt at the moment I created it. It encourages viewers to interpret it their own way. My art evokes different feelings in the audience depending on their individual experiences and memories.”

Irena is particularly drawn to the color orange because it reminds her of being a free spirit – of life and its positive energies.

A Snapshot View of Irena Orlov

Favorite Artist: Gustav Klimt.
Spirit Animal: Dolphin.
Secret Superpower: Curiosity and Enthusiasm. Find the wonder in everyday life.