Ina Jungmann

Meet Ina Jungmann of Los Angeles, CA.

Born in Mannheim, Germany, Ina Jungmann spent most of her life outside her home country.

She attended kindergarten and elementary school in Japan and, after living again in Germany four years, completed her education at Santa Monica high school and the University of California in Los Angeles. She then studied photography at the art institute of Burg Giebichenstein, Halle, Germany.

Such experience of moving back and forth between continents and languages made her particularly sensitive to visual communication and art creation. Her Japanese kindergarten put much emphasis on building sophisticated objects with simple everyday material. The space that opens between simple elements of the real world and the world of imagination and memory still provides the main ground for her photography.

With her lens, she is always looking for the, “special-places in-between reality, subjectivity, and abstraction.”

When walking in a city or travelling through a landscape, the history of the place, her memory, experience, and emotions provide her with additional layers to the immediate impression of the real location. Ina’s multiple exposures are a way of creating images of such multilayered narratives. Yet, there is also an element of surprise in her multiple exposures because she has little control over how the final image might look.

This element of surprise enables her “to capture the moments that she experienced driving through and visiting these places…”

A Snapshot View of Ina Jungmann

Favorite Artist: Ina is especially inspired by Japanese photography, for instance, by Rinko Kawauchi or Miyako Ishiuchi.
Spirit Animal: Butterfly
Secret Superpower: Imagination