Ermina Avramidou


Ermina Avramidou_Greek Abstract Artist

Ermina Avramidou loves to encourage her audience to indulge their curiosity, to ask questions, and keep searching for more within the canvas, trying to determine the secrets behind the hidden elements in her work. Her abstract paintings consist of a map of different endless routes, full of suspended lines and dots, without any beginning or end, like the motions and emotions of someone journeying through a labyrinth. Born in Thessaloniki, Ermina vividly remembers visiting her father’s architecture office, where she sketched and scribbled, and notes this to be one of her early influences into art. Formally trained in interior design, Ermina now lives in London and left design in 2007 to return to her first love of art. She works in acrylic inks, airbrush on paper and mixed media, creating transparencies that alternate flows with powerful splashes generating depth and light. Driven by the captivating colours and the possibility of creating her own revolution through art, Ermina’s goal is to disguise reality and ultimately reach the truth.

A Snapshot View of Ermina Avramidou

Favourite Artist: Jean-Michel Basquiat, Aboudia, Gerhard Richter
Spirit Animal: ….loading
Secret Superpower: my airbrush!

Ermina Avramidou_Shipwreck
Penthouse Collection


X-Large140 x 137cmErmina Avramidou
Ermina Avramidou_Under the sea
Penthouse Collection

Under The Sea

X-Large141 x 165cmErmina Avramidou
Ermina Avramidou_Tropic
Penthouse Collection


X-Large154 x 140cmErmina Avramidou
Ermina Avramidou_Tropical Rain
Penthouse Collection

Tropical Rain

X-Large140 x 164cmErmina Avramidou
Ermina Avramidou_Gold
Penthouse Collection


X-Large142 x 178cmErmina Avramidou
Ermina Avramidou_Conduits
Penthouse Collection


X-Large140 x 138cmErmina Avramidou
Ermina Avramidou_Black Balloons
Penthouse Collection

Black Ballons

X-Large137 x 140cmErmina Avramidou
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