Eleni Dori

Meet Eleni Dori of Turin, Italy.

Born in Athens, Greece, Eleni Dori has lived abroad most of her life. Trained in Fine Art at the Central School of Art and Design and The Slade School, University College London, Eleni now lives in Turin, Italy.

Her work is a direct response to her surroundings, inviting her audience to reconsider the trivial that is often overlooked. She focuses on the relationship between word and image in her more recent work. Eleni prefers to work in oil-based media that take longer to dry and allow for more changes throughout the artistic process.

Color is an important element in much of her work. She points out that color gains its strength by the way it’s applied to the canvas.

The same pigment can be transparent and opaque, or anything in between, depending on how it was handled. The color that is next to it, above it, and under it, will also determine and influence its perception.

Spending most of her time in her studio, Eleni notes that no one prepares an artist for the loneliness of the profession.

A Snapshot View of Eleni Dori.

Favorite Artist: Francis Picabia.
Spirit Animal: “That one” that is, the one that is so small that nobody sees. The one that lives its life without the need of an audience.
Secret Superpower: The acknowledgement of doubt.