David Leapman

Meet David Leapman of Los Angeles, CA and London, UK.

David Leapman is a British painter from London who has fallen in love with the desert landscape of the southwestern United States.

He currently lives and works in Riverside, CA. Despite Paul Delaroche’s 1839 verdict that painting is dead, Leapman continues to paint because painting is one way to be human and because it will outlive its critics. He uses a long list of pigments and products to make his paints but stays away from oils. Some of his paintings contain unusual materials such as diamond dust, cristalina, duco chrome, luster pigment, glassmehl (ground colored glass) or mirror flake.

The initial impact of viewing his art is particularly important to him. His use of bold color and materials catch the attention of viewers. It then takes more time to disentangle and associate various meanings in the work while penetrating the different layers. 

Leapman doesn’t believe in the sudden moment of inspiration. Instead his creations are about a lifelong engagement with creativity. His studio needs to be fit for the purpose of creating but his mind and body must also be sharp. To keep body and mind in stable form David practices martial arts, plays competitive soccer and frequently returns to the deserts of California.

In 1995 he won the John Moores Painting Prize and he has work hanging in the permanent collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum, the British Government Art Collection, and the Walker Art Gallery.

A Snapshot View of David Leapman

Favorite Artist: James Rielly or Piero della Francesca
Spirit Animal: The Roadrunner, genus Geococcyx.
Secret Superpower:  He has created 27 Petal Thinkers, his own set of super heroes (images that reoccur in his work) such as, Doctor Cunning and Miracle Munger.