David Dory

Meet David Dory of Los Angeles.

Originally from Carson City, Nevada, David grew up in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

His childhood memories include the occasional bear roaming around Lake Tahoe and the wild mustang filled hills of Lyon country. He works in all media and will choose the materials that best suit the piece that he is creating. For him, “the medium is just the means to get there, and in some way has the same impact on my work as whether I drove a car, flew or took the train.” His style, by contrast, is the more essential element of his work. Sharing many qualities with the surrealist movement, his style is also referred to as “omnistic” in so far as it combines nudes, landscapes, and abstract elements to create a cubist/ surrealist work.

After years of refining his signature style, David has achieved a unique body of work that stands out and is easily recognizable as his creation.

His favorite show was a benefit for the Reno Philharmonic where he showed a painting called Nevada Ghosts. The work called attention to an incident where someone was shooting the wild mustangs around Virginia City, NV for sport. Lance Gilman, the owner of the famous Mustang Ranch Brothel, bought the painting.

To the best of David’s knowledge, the painting still hangs over the door leading to the “Girls” rooms.

A Snapshot View of David Dory.

Favorite Artist: Leonardo da Vinci, Salvador Dali, and M.C. Escher
Spirit Animal: A Mustang.
Secret Superpower:  Empathy. Art offers a respite or sanctuary for the people that take the time to see deeper into the work, and this quality comes from being able to take on the hope, feelings, dreams, and fantasies of those around him and to translate those into his art.