Chrissy Thirlaway


Artist Chrissy Thirlaway had a ‘light-bulb moment’ at age nine, when she realised she could accurately draw and represent her thoughts and images through art. Today, Chrissy likes to work in a variety of media – oil, acrylic, pastel, coloured pencil, metal, glass, and textiles. Each medium has its own strengths and weaknesses, each allows a different expression. Raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and based in London presently, Chrissy trained at the Newcastle College of Art and Industry Design and Maidstone. She believes that not everything is art, that visual language can be a complete and articulate communication. All people are born with such skills, she explains, the problem is that people are educated out of this. Chrissy finds inspiration and creativity in the studio and the act of drawing, setting her self-consciousness aside and allowing her subconscious to rise. Ideas always emerge!

A Snapshot View of Chrissy Thirlaway

Favourite artist:Oh so many: Jan van Eyck, Edward Hopper, William Holman Hunt, Hans Holbein, Frida Kahlo, Paula Rego, Ana Maria Pacheco, Norman Stevens, David Hockney and more!
Spirit Animal: The swift. It spends months flying.
Secret Superpower: The quest for honesty