Brayden Bugazzi

Meet Brayden Bugazzi of Los Angeles, CA

It has not been a direct road to becoming a fine artist for Brayden, but he has always known that he was creative.

After studying at Herberger School of Fine Arts at Arizona University, he moved to Los Angeles to become an editorial photographer. This profession didn’t fit well and he soon found his true calling as a fine artist. Today he thinks of his old dreams with a smile and a hint of irony, “my dream was to be printed in Vogue in some capacity, but I ended up seeing my art on their site in the company of a famous NYC socialite who was the muse of the mythic fashion Icon from a bygone era, Halston.”

Today Brayden makes vibrant collages of pop icons out of old magazines, newspapers and books.

He begins by ordering books about his subject on eBay or Amazon and hunting down material in local used bookstores. Tearing pages up and cutting out fragments with his x-acto knife, Brayden meticulously builds the work up to get the final three-dimensional effect. From a distance, his art looks flat and representational – anyone passing by can easily identify the subject. But the real joy of his art occurs when you step closer and the famous face fades into a thrilling collection of tiny fragments of old printed material.

Humorous details sprinkle his work – such as the name of Frida Kahlo’s lover (Leon Trotsky) that appears on her lips.

A Snapshot View of Brayden Bugazzi

Favorite Artist: Shane Guffogg.
Spirit Animal: Bobcat.
Secret Superpower:  Patience and tenacity.