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Benjamin Phillip’s earliest memories are of art. As an adult he remains fascinated by its utility for digesting the raw experiences of life in a metropolis. As the son of a master craftsman, oil painter, and driftwood sculptor, Benjamin’s upbringing brimmed with art and influenced him greatly. After earning his degree in Fine Art from the University of Hertfordshire, Benjamin entered the financial world. Craving his studio and unfulfilled professionally, Benjamin couldn’t ignore the siren call of art making. As a mixed media artist, Benjamin Phillips prefers to work with collected posters and found imagery from the city and street that inspire him, alongside ink, acrylic and spray paint. Obsessed with colour, Benjamin refuses to identify just one as a favourite, citing ‘rainbow’ as a clever work-around!

A Snapshot View of Benjamin Phillips

Favourite Artist: Kurt Schwitters, John Piper and Maggi Hambling – don’t make me choose!
Spirit Animal: Racoon (As they are cute, cunning and determined)
Secret Superpower: Intangibility or Omnilinguilism just so you have to look up the meanings

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Studio Collection


Medium80 x 60cmBenjamin Phillips
Benjamin Phillips, Whitechapel
Studio Collection


Large100 x 80 cmBenjamin Phillips
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