Benjamin Phillips

Meet Benjamin Phillips of London, UK.

Benjamin Phillips’ earliest memories are of art. As an adult he remains fascinated by its utility for digesting the raw experiences of life in a metropolis. The son of a master craftsman, oil painter, and driftwood sculptor, Benjamin was raised amidst art, a childhood that has left a lasting impression.

The contemporary urban landscape stimulates his creative process and he is constantly incorporating found elements from London’s streets in his work.
His large, mixed-media compositions are constructed on handmade wooden panels using paint, posters, flyers, graffiti,and other fragments of the city.

The result is a snapshot of a specific moment from the ongoing relationship between artist and city.

Integral to the final piece is “the fragmented, textural, topographical nature of his work that reflects the city’s ever-changing surfaces, which have accrued years of printed matter.”

Obsessed with color, Benjamin refuses to identify just one as a favorite, citing ‘rainbow’ as a clever work-around!

A Snapshot View of Benjamin Phillips

Favorite Artist: Kurt Schwitters, John
Piper and Maggi Hambling – don’t
make me choose!
Spirit Animal: Racoon (As they are cute,
cunning and determined)
Secret Superpower: Intangibility or
Omnilinguilism just so you have to look
up the meanings