Athena Anastasiou

Meet Athena Anastasiou of London, UK.

Athena is an art scholar and post graduate from Central St Martins best known for her vibrant and eclectic large-scale oil paintings.

She has exhibited in numerous group shows around London, Portugal and Morocco. A keen advocate for the emerging art scene in London, Athena is the Founder of a pop up Art Gallery and collective called “Meet The Artists” that has represented over 100 emerging artists from London. In her exciting new series ‘Essence,’ Athena works with bold colorful strokes, exposed linen and layers of resin.

She uses oil paints to sculpt her portraits, scraping away as much paint and detail as possible whilst still retaining the feeling of a person. She strips portraiture back to its bare essence, emphasising the silent and captivating dialogue between the sitter and viewer.

“My portrait paintings are continual explorations of color, form and texture. I am currently investigating how far I can stretch the form whilst still portraying the essence and energy of a person.”

Athena is particularly interested in exploring empowerment and community – how we can unite cultures through the revolutionary tool of ART.

A Snapshot View of Athena Anastasiou

Favorite Artist: Picasso, as he can paint like a master yet he chose to paint like a child, and that took a lifetime. She loves his playfulness, his uniqueness of artistic style and his bold and bright use of colour in his work.
Spirit Animal: A soaring eagle
Secret Superpower: She can fly.