Athena Anastasiou


To artist Athena Anastasiou, the earth without ART is simply EH. Her goal is to uplift the world through colour and good energy. Raised in Hertfordshire and Cyprus, Athena earned her art education at Central St Martins, London. Working primarily in oil paints, Athena prefers the medium to acrylics, as oils are conducive to blending over long periods of time. She also likes the texture and richness of oil painting. Once a self confessed tom boy who loved blue, Athena notes she’s branched out and embraced her femininity, and the colour pink now makes her heart open and happy.

A Snapshot View of Athena Anastasiou

Favourite Artist: Picasso, as he can paint like a master yet he chose to paint like a child, and that took a lifetime. I love his playfulness and the brightness of his colour in his work.
Spirit Animal: A soaring eagle
Secret Superpower: I can fly

Athena Anastasiou_ Dazed
Studio Collection


Medium50 x 60cmAthena Anastasiou
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