Ant Carver

Meet Ant Carver of London.

London-based artist Ant Carver cites oil and spray paints as his favourite media for their complementary qualities.

Oil paints allow the creation of intricate detailing, while spray paint is perfect for producing looser colour elements. While trained in Fine Art at Oxford Brookes, Ant’s passion for art grew from his interest in street art.

After university, he set up his studio in Hackney Wick, and jokes that he realised he was an artist when he could pay his bills.

Ant continues to be inspired by traditional and street art, and notes that a visit to the pub can cure a bout of creative block.

Ant Carver’s interest in art originated from a passion for graffiti and street art.

His work concentrates on the use of hand painted details, contrasting with bright abstract elements. His work continues to take inspiration from both street art and more traditional styles.

A Snapshot View of Ant Carver.

Favorite Artist: Conor Harrington.
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