Alex Maganiotis

Meet Alexandros Maganiotis of Athens, Greece.

At age 13, Alexandros Maganiotis covered his room with pictures from music magazines, creating his own collage installations.

Even then, he knew he would be unable to stay away from art. Born and raised in Greece, Alexandros studied architecture in both Athens and London. His background as an architect influences his art practice today, as his favorite medium is ink on paper.

Drawing from a wide array of sources including ancient myths, modern authors, and the vibrant streets of Athens, Alexandros creates surreal works rife with meaning for his discerning audience.

Layered references combined with the precise medium of ink on paper allow him to create detailed compositions that are a feast for both the eyes and the mind.

With his studio just below the ancient Acropolis of Athens, Alexandros can step outside and walk around whenever he is short on inspiration.

That he often finds ideas for artwork from his dreams should come as no surprise given the otherworldly quality found in many of his compositions.

A Snapshot View of Alexandros Maganiotis.

Favorite Artist: Francis Bacon.
Spirit Animal: For him, the horse has freedom and kindness and an amazing elegance.
Secret Superpower: His superpower is his intuition… he know things before they are about to happen, it is a feeling he has that in the end is verified.