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Paul Kingsley Squire nearly pursued a Foundation in Art, but opted instead to play guitar and sing in a band. His time in music pushed him along his circuitous path to art, as he started off designing much of his band’s artwork that eventually inspired his first exhibition “Manipulations.” Following the birth of his first child, Paul turned his focus towards digital and graphic work with web design. To avoid spending his life in front of a computer, Paul soon began working in oil paints as well. He is a self-taught artist, and grew up copying Marvel characters – especially Spiderman – and Asterix and Obelix. Paul can find inspiration in the least likely moments, and his innovative artworks reflect his own admiration for artists that deviate from trends to carve their own niches.

A Snapshot View of Paul Kingsley Squire

Favourite Artist: among the many he lists (such as Lucian Freud, Vincent Van Gogh, John Byrne, and Maggie Hambling) Paul includes Mike Mignola, the artist behind the Hellboy comics
Spirit Animal: The Stag – it appears in one of the first paintings from the Metamorphica series and he has always identified with it.
Secret Superpower: Flying

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Medium60 x 60cmPaul Kingsley Squire
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